Friday, July 1, 2011

The Ones That Got Away


     On the morrow, I will be leaving for Lake George for all of next week. My family has spent the week of Fourth of July in the Adirondacks since my Mom was a kid, and it is one of my absolute favorites places in all the world :) It is also where the Vermonster lives :) My internet access up at the Lake is sporadic at best, so I wanted to get in one more blog post before we take off tomorrow. This week has been a flurry of packing, chores, errands, workshop prep and tying up loose ends before we leave, so no blog worthy cooking really took place (actually, that's not true, I made some damn fine Egg Creams the other night, but we didn't have the correct kind of glasses to serve them in, so the photos turned out pretty lousy, I'll blog about them later when I have the right kind of glasses).
   So, rather than post about a new recipe, I thought I'd post a few photos of some of the recipes I have attempted in the time I've had this blog (just over two years, wow!!!) that, for one reason or another, never made it up here. I had wanted to post five or six, but I'm having lots of issues with my laptop lately, and it won't let me post more than three sets of photos for some reason, so we'll have to go with three. For the sake of brevity, I'll try to keep the descriptions reasonably short. But, if you like the look of any of these, let me know and I'll do a formal post complete with recipe about them :) And now, without further ado, an assortment of recipes that you have never laid eyes on before, on this blog, anyway :)  See you next week, my lovelies, have a wonderful holiday!!!


Red Velvet Cheesecake

This was part of our Easter Brunch spread this year and it was absolutely DELICIOUS. Unfortunately, this is how it came out of the oven:
 Yup, it bubbled over and cracked. Back to the drawing board with this one. We still ate it though, with a lovely white cream glaze:
Taste-wise it was wonderful, but not much to look at. As soon as I figure out to how to correct the above problem, I'll post it here :)


There are as many versions of this Tuscan bread-based salad as there are stars in the sky, depending on what season it is. This is one that I made back in April that was supposed to go to an Italian-themed potluck dinner, the same was I was supposed to bring the Olive Oil and Orange Cake to. However, that was not to be. I came down with a horrible stomach bug that day and was unable to attend the dinner. my family ate the Panzanella and the Olive Oil Cake went into the freezer for two weeks and was resurrected for a birthday party :) This one was delicious, but because I was so sick, it slipped off my radar to blog about it. I'm excited to make more of these as the summer progresses and the veggies ripen :)

Chocolate Chip Pie

This is basically a chocolate chip cookie in a pie shell. Yup, cookie pie. Yup, it's so good it's probably illegal. This is one of the ones that got lost in the shuffle during an insanely busy holiday season and a very ill winter. Once Autumn arrives again (and, believe me, it can take it's sweet time, I LOVE SUMMER) I will blog about this one. It's rich, chocolatey, flaky goodness lends itself more to the palate of the cozier months of the year.


a. maren said...

wow that red velvet cheesecake looks to die for, even if it is cracked! funny that you did this, i am just about to do a post of my also rans as well! :) have a great trip and happy 4th!

LynnieBee said...

Thank you!!! Happy Fourth to you as well :)

Nubby Tongue said...

COOKIE PIE!!! Even Pookie couldn't resist a piece of it. So yes, I think it is illegally delicious. =P