Thursday, November 7, 2013

Talkin' Turkey

    We're one week into the countdown to Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays, and I think it's about time we talked some Turkey! (Vegetarians and Vegans and other non-turkey eaters welcome as well!) In case you missd this, I could talk about food all day, and so I shall :) I'll try and do one Thanksgivng-centric post per week, in addition to the other mischief I've got planned for the coming weeks :)

    Here we go:

    If Turkey is the centerpiece to your Thanksgiving Meal, what's your secret? Do you brine? Baste? Rub? Flavored Butter? Low and Slow? Deep Fried? (Around our place we brine using Alton Brown's Turkey Brine recipe that uses orange juice, brown sugar, peppercorns, kosher salt and chicken or vegetable broth). Any tips you want to pass along?

   If you're meat-free, what's your go-to Thanksgiving main dish?

   Discuss :)



Jeremy Thompson said...

Turkey is one of those food hurdles that I haven't gone over yet. I know that my mother used to brine the crap out of her turkeys and they came out great.

Sarah said...

I brine using an Earl Grey tea brine to echo tea smoked duck flavor. Then GRILL don't roast. Not only the best turkey I've ever had, but frees up your oven so everything else in the meal can come together at the same time.

The biggest secret to a brine is one people never think of- you can't use a frozen bird. It's already injected with saline so it gets mushy.