Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Life Lessons


Happy (almost) Halloween, Everyone!!!

     Forgive the *BOO* at the beginning, but it seemed only fitting because of the date, and the fact that it's been a straight-up ghost town around here for, oh, seven months or so. But that it is going to change. Starting today.

     First, some catchup in 50 words or less:

     Moved from Baldwinsville to Syracuse to give my grandparents a hand. Worked at Sterling Renaissance Festival. Taught Lemoyne College Summer Arts Institute. Mikey went back to college. We adopted two little kittens. Dayjob is stressful.  Miss my Food Blog. Made a pact with a friend to blog once a week.

     A bit more explanation on that last bit. A dear friend of mine and I were commiserating on our life frustrations and in the course of the conversation it came up how we both had blogs that we loved but for one reason or another, we got away from them. We made a promise to each other to dust off those blogs and post once a week for the rest of the year and then see where we were at.

    I love this blog, I have always loved it and for awhile there it seemed like there were at least a few of you out there who loved it too. I primarily got away from it for the main reasons people get away from their blogs, being too busy, too many other commitments on their time, needing to focus on other areas of their lives, etc. But, the other reason I kind of stopped blogging here was because I somehow convinced myself that the blog didn't look professional enough and I'd never get anywhere with it. I'd look at the websites for my favorite bloggers, both food and non-food, and I would just feel so amateurish and defeated and think to myself, *why bother? Your blog will never be that good*. Unsurprisingly, That line of thinking made it very easy for me to push blogging even farther down my list of priorities.

  That line of thinking is over. Here's why:

  -Everyone has to start somewhere. Every writer and blogger I admire was in the exact same place I am right now. In order for there to be a story, there has to be a beginning.

 -I love to cook, I love to talk and write about cooking and when I actually keep up with this little blog, I am as happy as a clam :)

-I know how to cook, I know how to write, I know how to take pictures, all the skills are there, they just need to be refined, and the way you refine your skills is with practice.

-I need to get better at making time for the things to make me happy.

-There is no time like the present.

-I am responsible for my own happiness

So there ya go.

Enough Life Lessons for today? No worries. Soon there will be Applesauce :)

Have a fun and safe Holiday!!!

Love ya!
LynnieBee :)

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