Friday, February 10, 2012

Alive and Cooking


Most of you read my other blog, so I won't go into the whole rant here, but here's the Reader's Digest version:

-My laptop is stuck in a System Repair Loop and has not worked for weeks, and I have no extra money to fix or replace it.

-Michael was carrying his laptop from the living room into the bedroom when he tripped and fell and dropped his laptop. Michael, thankfully, is fine. His laptop, however, is not. Michael's laptop broke completely in half. He managed to put it back together, but now it does not recognize itself. His laptop does not know it's a laptop, it probably thinks it's a toaster for all I know. And, like me, Michael does not have the extra money to fix or replace his computer, as all of our extra funds are going to savings and/or upcoming wedding expenses.

  To whit, I have not been able to post, as my only internet access is at work, or if I have time to scoot to my Mom's, the library, or to the home of a friend with a working computer. Since I'm just coming out of tech rehearsals for my most recent show, spare time has been virtually nonexistent. The show opens tonight, and I promised my family I would not get involved in any more performances until after the Wedding (other than my contract with SSF/ART, but the rep shows are during the day, anyway). So, soon I will have something resembling free time, and I hope to be posting more regularly, even if I'm computer-less at home.


I HAVE been cooking!!!

-Baked Meatballs and Homemade Sauce
-Meatball Soup
-Lemon Bars
-Boston Cream Cake (I had so much frosting that I covered the whole cake with it, which made it more like cake, rather than pie)
-A hand mixer mishap that resulted in frosting that I thought would be a disaster, but it turned out to be a huge hit and gave me an idea for a St. Patrick's Day Cake :)

More as soon as I have the time and tools necessary to write up some posts :)

Love Ya'll :)


a. maren said...

hooray you're back! ugh i live in fear of the day something happens to my laptop...good luck getting it fixed! and i hope you took pictures of all that good food!

Nubby Tongue said...

Oh noooes! Sorry about the computer! I look forward to your return, Lynnie!