Thursday, November 17, 2011



     It tickles me pink that I have been writing this blog long enough (2 and 1/2 years, WOW), and I have earned enough readers that I actually have *greatest hits* among my blog posts! In this week of thankfulness, for your reading pleasure, I offer you a list of my Top Ten Most Popular Posts!!! I can't tell you how happy I am that people actually read this little blog. Like, people that I've never met in person read it, and more than just a few! Sometimes I feel like a total amateur, that nobody really cares about what I have to say, and I'm just sort of writing to no one. Apparently, that is not the case :) Thank You, Thank You, Thank you All for reading this little thing, it means the world to me! Here are the Top Ten Recipes (so far) from The Kitchen is My Canvas, based on number of pageviews. I went through and edited and/or updated a few of them slightly, and I added a few more photos. If you happened to miss any of these the first time around, take a look :) According to you all, they're my best ones so far :)

#10. Warm Nectarine Compote

What a wonderful day this was :) Gorgoeus Weather, Good Friends, and an impromptu recipe for a luscious fruit dessert sauce :)

#9. Hummus Double-Take

For our Greek-themed Pot Luck Dinner last January :) One of the best dinner parties we've ever had and one of the few bright spots in a winter otherwise plagued by constant illness....

#8 Irish Coffee

I went into this one skeptical, not of Irish Coffee in and of itself, but of whether or not I would like it, seeing as how coffee and whiskey aren't really my favorite things....Well, shut my mouth, 'cause I LOVED it! Irish Coffee wrote the BOOK on *smooth with a kick*, and with winter coming on, it's good to have a cozy nightcap in your repertoire :)

#7. Sea Salt Brownies

Chocolate and Sea Salt, welcome to my Obsession :)

#6. Broken Oven Strawberry Pie

From Zero to Strawberry Deliciousness is basically no time flat, and no oven required :)

#5. Yogurt Cheese

My very first foray into cheesemaking, and probably one of the most useful (and ecomonical and healthful) kitchen skills I've ever learned :)

#4.Victory Pancakes

The best batch of pancakes I've made so far, and I finally figured out a sanity saving pancake flipping strategy!

#3. Syracuse Greek Fest at Saint Sophia's

One of the best Cultural Festivals in the 'Cuse :)

#2. Dragon Salad

This one tops my *Good and Good For You* List,and has SUMMER written all over it :)


#1. CrockPot Lasagna :)

All you could ever ask for in a comfort food, and it basically cooks itself :) HELL YEAH :)

Thanks for hanging in with me all this time, can't wait to keep on cooking with you guys! Stay Hungry!


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