Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Lovely Evening at The Scotch and Sirloin :)

    (This post is a restaurant review, and therefore recipe-free, but don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow with a Molasses Cookie recipe :)

    Tonight, Michael and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 6-month Anniversary. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Scotch and Sirloin . There is one here in Syracuse, NY and another in Rochester, NY and they are both EXCELLENT. Every dining experience I have had at both locations has been a win/win with both food and service. Here are some reasons why:

- Perfect table service. And by that I mean knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive enough to feel well taken care-of, but never crossing the bridge into disruptive or annoying.

- Excellent pacing of the meal. The kitchen will not begin your entree until after you have been served your appetizer and/or you have visited the salad bar, which spreads the courses out nicely and minimizes that *my entree isn't even here yet and I'm stuffed* feeling. One never feels rushed in this restaurant. Michael and I lingered over our meal for two hours, savoring every bite. (don't worry, we're not campers, we ordered dessert and hot tea and we tip VERY well).

- Upscale rustic atmosphere. Classy, not fussy :)

- THE FOOD: Crisp lettuce, fresh bread and homemade dressings at the salad bar. Prime Rib and Top Sirloin Teriyaki both cooked a perfect medium-rare with crispy/fluffy baked potatoes. Homemade French Silk Pie and a Brownie Sundae with real hot fudge. This food is not pretentious, it is merely the best version of itself. The chefs here are true masters of their craft :) (The menu is much more extensive than this, I'm just listing what we ordered as an example)

Whether for an intimate dinner with a loved one or a large celebration, The Scotch and Sirloin will give you exactly what you are looking for :) Although we were there on a pleasantly quiet Sunday evening, be sure to take the extra insurance of making a reservation, because this place has been around since 1967, and their awesomeness hardly a secret :)



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Jeremy said...

Love the Scotch & Sirloin here in Rochester. Definitely the best prime rib in the area. I would recommend asking for an end piece if you can get it... so tasty!