Thursday, November 4, 2010

Avicolli's is the Real Deal :)

Hey All!
I am a Bridesmaid in a very dear friend's wedding this weekend, which leaves me a twinge short on time. So, for this post, in lieu of a recipe, I'm going to give a VERY STRONG recommendation to a local, privately owned, non-chain Italian restaurant here in the Liverpool area that I had the privilege of working for for the majority of this past year. Avicolli's Pizzeria and Restaurant on Rte. 57 in Liverpool, NY. Here's their website :)

     I was a server at Avicolli's for many months. And the fact that I will still wholeheartedly recommend them after being employed there should speak volumes about the establishment. Before we even get to food, let me say that I really liked everyone that I worked with, the scheduling was flexible and very fair, the kitchen and prep areas are very clean, and everyone really does work as a team, I couldn't have asked for better :) Sometime soon I will be reflecting on my time spent there in my other blog, so check out *So I was Thinking* in the coming weeks to hear a more detailed account of my restaurant adventures.

And now, the important part, the FOOD:

- they make their own Marinara, and it's GREAT. Those of you that know me well know that I'm a huge snob when it comes to this, and I will rarely eat red sauce when I go out. Not only will I eat this, I will eat it GLADLY.
- All of their sauces are homemade
- The garlic knots are homemade
- A large portion of the desserts and the Italian bread are from local bakeries
- In the warm weather there is an herb garden on premises that the kitchen pulls from daily.
- In my opinion, the best Pizza in the Liverpool area.
- The building houses two separate dining areas, a classic counter pizzeria and a sit down restaurant.
- Homemade house balsamic dressing
- Best chicken parmesan in the Liverpool area

My personal recommendations:
- Chef Salad
- Antipasto Salad
- ANY of the Pizzas, though my personal favorites are Gramma's Favorite, Margherita, and White
- Baked Ziti Sicilian 
- Chicken Parmesan
- Any pasta shape with Vodka Sauce
- Any pasta shape with Amatriciana Sauce
- Chicken or Veal Francese

- Check them out, tell them Lynn sent you, you won't regret it :)


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